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Manifestation Techniques from A-Z

We all want something. It's only natural for humans to search for that which we lack, and if it isn't immediately visible to us, we fools go on and create that scarcity. But I'll let you in on a secret: there's no such thing as scarcity. You see, scarcity is an abundance of lack. This might as well be written in the book of Revelations. It's probably obvious to you, but let it truly sink in. That means you are a being of abundance. Those are incredible news!

Despite the title, I promise this isn't a long post at all. Consider it a sort of pocket handbook about the techniques for manifesting that I stand behind due to personal experience, but that certainly don't represent the entire spectrum of other ones that I'm sure are in existence...somewhere.

Before we begin the summary list on the techniques for manifesting, I stand before you on the road to whatever comes next in your life to deliver a message: it's time to let go. Holding on to things, whatever they are, closes doors to whatever is coming. Letting go is easier than you think. It doesn't mean you must forget entirely about that which has happened and not care at all about that which you wish to attain. I'm simply asking you to let go of the "how" to focus solely on the "what". Be assured that the Universe will take care of the details.

Your job is to focus on the following ways to make it easier...


1. Crystals

We all know that there are crystals for everything: love, money, focus, sleep... But you don't actually need to go and buy one for each of the things you wish to obtain. You can actually reprogram your crystals. Here's how: hold the crystal in your left hand and raise it a bit above your head, imagine a white light coming down onto it and while you do this, charge the crystal with intentions. Now, all you need to do is keep the crystal around.

2. Water

This one's a bit wacky, but there's research by Doctor Emoto to back it up. He looked at how the molecular structures of water changed when exposed to positive and negative energies. The results are mindblowing! The structures of water exposed to positive vibrations and spoken words converted into beautiful geometric shapes while the water exposed to negative vibrations and words presented awkward-looking patterns. Our body is approximately 60% water, so we can actually make a change from the outside in. Simply put your hands around your bottle of water, charge it with intentions directed towards your goals, and then drink it sip by sip during the day, week, or month.

3. Sleep intentions

When we sleep, we enter the Delta state of mind, in which we are the closest to our subconscious and we can easily tap into our manifestation power. Setting intentions for the time transcurred sleeping is a powerful way to set you up to receive energies while you dream and also take advantage of the "down" time. Just say "while I sleep tonight, I intend to..."

4. Acting "as if"

What would you do if you already had what you're trying to manifest? How would you walk, talk, live? To act as if you had already received what you're seeking is one of the most powerful things you could do. It is sending a message to the Universe, letting it know you are more than ready to collect your desires. And it also creates a negative space, sort of life a pit, which then the Universe fills up with whatever energy matches your current state.

5. Candles

No wonder candles are used in so many rituals belonging to different religions and cults around the world. They not only create a romantic atmosphere, but they also help to send one of the loudest request messages out into the Universe. All you have to do is light up whatever candle you have at hand, imagine everything you wish for as if it had already happened, and then just blow the candle. As easy as pressing down on the "send" button when texting.

6. Gratitude

We've all been told gratitude increases happiness, and it is partly because gratitude brings. Ordinary grateful people get more out of life by giving thanks for what they have. Extraordinary grateful people give thanks for what they do not yet have but are sure they will, and as a result, anything is possible. How I practice gratitude is by writing three things I'm thankful for in my journal at the end of each day.

7. Affirmations

Affirmations are intentions that get repeated over time. You choose the "how". Maybe write it every day on your planner, make a wallpaper with your affirmation on it, sing and sing a song that matches your wish. Whatever thing that makes the message stick will work by training the subconscious bit by bit.

8. Meditation

Some of you probably know I meditate daily now. I say "now", because I am guilty of once using the "I don't have time" excuse. Now, I know I can meditate even if I only have 3 minutes. I'm telling you, it is possible. To attract a good life, you have to feel good about life in general. Meditation does that. I recommend you meditate right after waking up and right before going to sleep, when your brain is in Theta state, the closest to Delta, which we already discussed in point 3.

* If you are interested in me doing a guided video or audio of the meditation I do daily, like this post. Meditation has helped me keep my calm in stressful situations and manifest tiny things every day.

9. Mood boarding

So, we've already established that feeding our minds with repetitive words gets results. To expand horizons, I'm telling you not only words can make the deal, images too. So, hop into Pinterest or any other way of creating a mood board, either digitally or physically —in a bulletin board or something— and get to work. I've manifested some trips this way.

10. Becoming

Our thoughts often follow this format: "when I get ______, then I'll be happy." Be it a million dollars, the love of your life, a promotion... Think in reverse. The key here is to see yourself at level with your desires. If something is viewed as sitting on a pedestal, you automatically program your brain to see it as unattainable and above you. Make yourself equal to that which you want, because you deserve it.


I tried my best at being clear in only a few lines per technique, but if you wish a more in-depth explanation, you can always contact me via social media. I'll be more than happy to help. Manifestation is an art and never-ending science, so expect more to come about it in here. For now, this is it until next Friday.

Happy manifesting!


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