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My May Favorites

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

To say that May brought with it its challenges is an understatement, and I'm almost sure all of you would agree. If I had to draw a line that represented my energy during the entire month, it would look like a worm of disaster. I had my ups and downs, as is expected in life, especially in times like this one. The good thing is that I learned, worked, and improved to later put it all behind me.

The goal is forward: singing at the top of my lungs with friends, filling my belly surrounded by family, and exploring whatever hobby with my boyfriend who is just less than 2 months away from coming back. I'm a hopeless romantic; sue me. I think that my daydreaming nature has been part of what has kept me hopeful and inspired these months, alongside the following goodies that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.


Series: The Midnight Gospel

This Netflix original follows Clancy as he interviews different guests he finds during his simulated visits to different planets around the multiverse. These are actual podcast-like interviews with actual guest speakers.

I found that this series, aside from being spiritually insightful, brought me a sense of peace while I watched, because although the events in the animation may be chaotic, the characters remain calm and carry on their soothing conversations through. My favorite episode is the last.


Album: Mood Swing - Cyn

I first started listening to Cyn after attending a Katy Perry concert and seeing her guest set. "Mood Swing" is her first album after only having released singles. Although it was released last year, I listened to it completely only until this month. It did not disappoint. I wanted to include it entirely in my Gemini playlist, but I settled for two of my favorites: Bubble Bath and Holy Roller.


Book: 1984 - George Orwell

This book is a classic, not in the sense of being old, because although it kind of is —yet nothing like Pride & Prejudice—, the story remains as fresh and contemporary as it was when it was first released. Every single word is an attention-grabber, that woven together constructs an ambient that envelopes you while at the same time makes you feel grateful that what it presents is far from your reality.

Or is it?

It is so very interesting and speaks so much truth about humanity, hunger for power, and life's search for meaning.


Instagram account: @hold.that.calorie

This beautiful Instagram account is run by a nutrition student that shows in the most simple yet fun way how to make your healthy diet not only a temporal element of your life but part of your lifestyle.

She posts the most delicious yet healthy meals from breakfast to dinner and also shares useful information for when you have to choose between foods by reading the ingredients and nutritional facts.


TED Talk: 12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing - Anne Lamott

I first saw this TED Talk last year and it helped me put a lot of things into perspective. The title is self-explanatory and the content is both funny and eye-opening. Now, I have this TED Talk safe kept for future reality grounding.

Bonus: Anne appears as a guest speaker in the second episode of The Midnight Gospel.



(unknown source)


However, to be honest, my most favorite things from the month of May are my blog posts on the 21 Lessons I Learned by my 21st Birthday, both part one and part two. I'd love it if you checked them out because I'm sure you'd enjoy them.

I truly hope you give time to one of these and that they give you as much joy as they did to me. If you do check any of these things out, please share your thoughts on them with me on Instagram. Also, I'd love to hear your own recommendations. Who knows? They might appear on the next monthly favorites.

Stay safe,


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