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21 Things I Learned by my 21st Birthday (part two)

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I genuinely think that last week's post has been my best one up until now (keywords: up until now). If the reason you're here is that you've read the first part of this post last week and now returned for the rest, I'm so glad you're back. If you're here without having read part one of this blog topic, I'm glad nonetheless, but I recommend you go and read the first part before you go deep into this one.

So, as promised, here are the 11 remaining lessons Fa from the past wrote in hopes I read this year and actually applied them. She'll be surprised to know that I'm not only doing that, but I've also been sharing them online. Who can blame me? They're treasure gold.


11. Don't treat yourself like you wouldn't a friend.

Picture a time in which a friend came to you looking for advice or support after having done a thing they're not really proud of. How did you respond? I, for instance, listened to them, reassured that the past is the past and they can only go forward from here, treated them to ice cream or coffee, lovingly told them they are in their right to express emotion as part of their healing process but that sooner or later they will have to go on, and in doing so, they would have learned and improved. All of this while promising them that I won't leave their side. You want a friend like me, don't you? Duh! No, but seriously, what differentiates you from your friends? We're all humans in this thing called life that consists of mistakes, lessons, and growth. You want to succeed as much as you wish to see your friends succeed, then why is the treatment to yourself different than the one you provide them with?