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My guide rules to New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

New years resolutions. We've all been there. Sadly, some of us don't really stay there, if you know what I mean. It's simple finding the inspiration to write down our goals for the new year, but when it comes to actually start on the path of keeping up with them, that same inspiration is nowhere to be found. "But it was SO easy writing them! Why can't I do them?" Well, it might just be that you didn't write them correctly —not talking about spelling and grammar here— in the first place, and you must go back to revise your objectives with several rules in mind. The following rules have worked for me, and I hope they work for you too.

The first rule is to specify. What? How? Why? When? For what? It works just the same with directions. If they are told in a very specific, detailed language, then it is almost impossible to get lost on your way to the destination. You have to know your resolutions better than yourself, because they can become your worst enemy and learning how to handle them can turn things around, creating a year-long friendship.

The following rule is, I believe, my favorite. How will you know by the end of the year if you've reached your "increase my cooking skills" goal? How much did you want to increase them? If you learned to make a sandwich, does it count? How will you know if you achieved to "read more this year"? Well, easy, you count the books you read last year and see if they're more or less than this year, right? Right, but if you don't keep track, who will? Know where I'm getting at? Alright, I'll give it to you: your goals must be measurable. Don't be afraid to put a number in there... read 20 books, be able to cook a three-course meal, watch 50 classic films, run 5K, take yoga lessons twice a week...

Great. So now we're utilizing numbers in our resolutions, we must know how to use them wisely. Not because you can count up to twenty thousand, you can do that much amount of squats or make that amount of new, real friends. Yes, it's amazing we all look for self-improvement, but what's the point if we don't fulfill it? It's either steady, healthy improvement or no improvement at all, which can sometimes come along with hospital visits due to stress and excessive hair fall-out. So, yeah, you guessed it. Rule number three is that your goal must be do-able in other words attainable or realistic.

Goals exist, so that other goals can. We don't just achieve a goal and say "I no longer have a purpose in life, I might as well just live the rest of my days as a vegetable". Each one of our goals represents a step in a ladder; through them we advance in the path of life that we create for ourselves. In a staircase, all steps gather to go to a same direction, don't they? Each objective, no matter how small, has to be cohesive with the rest. If you want to someday be a successful fashion magazine editor in chief, why would a step on your way be to go to law school? Sure, you can study law and then have a position in a fashion magazine, but those two things are mutually exclusive. You're basically making the roadtrip way longer than it needs to be.

Lastly, don't be afraid to write the rules down, whether it's on paper or some place you will remember and see constantly. I do mine on paper, because I think paper is the ultimate test. The idea is to not ignore your resolutions, so a quite visible place will do the job.

This 2019, I'm looking to make this blog a constant spot for myself. I want it to be the output place to direct my inspiration to and, hopefully, give you the best content I possibly can. I would also love to travel the road of the zero waste trend. I don't think the "zero" in that is possible (double-checking rule #3), but my ecological footprint will decrease a lot, I'm sure. And lastly, for now, I would love to take more pictures this year and truly explore more the photographer side of me. I want to put those 4 cameras I own to good use.

I'm super excited for the new year. I'm sure this will be OUR YEAR, guys. What are you New Years Resolutions? I'd love to hear them.

See you soon,


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