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Quarantine's Simple Pleasures

It's been a rough couple of weeks. And if you live where I live, even more so. It is July. We started quarantine in March. It's been 5 months of... this. So, I thought I'd talk about something simple, hence the title, and give you something that might help to lighten the heavy mood a bit.

I've found that in harsh times, what helps me remain positive and keep my peace of mind is practicing gratitude. So, for some weeks I've been writing down the simple pleasures I've found during my time in self-isolation. And while I gathered them all in a list —in true Fa fashion—, I realized this is just a list of simple pleasures in general, because I am sure that whenever quarantine is over, I'll continue to work to incorporate these into my normal life routine.

I encourage you to do the same. You might find something of value that might just unlock a path to an opportunity, a passion. To facilitate it for you, I've included a blank worksheet at the end of the post for you to fill out and maybe display in a place around your home so that it might serve as a daily reminder.


1) Drinking tea before bed

Aside from tea having numerous benefits, I feel our hearts grow with every sip of tea we take.

2) Reading newsletters

I am only subscribed to a few, but they fill my inbox with significant information and inspiring messages. Your inbox is a sacred place, treat it as such. And if you're interested in receiving my own, click here.

3) Making kissy noises until Mokka looks at me

Mokka is my dog and we all know that pets make everything better, although Mokka and I have a sort of...complicated relationship. It works out in the end.

4) Doing yoga outdoors

No secret, this is the real reason I've kept my cool for so long.

5) Removing my blue-light glasses when I'm done working

And I recommend you get a pair if you work from home or take online classes.

6) Pressing down on the "next episode" button

An all-time crowd favorite

7) Changing positions while reading

What is more enriching than books? Seriously.

8) Hearing a cheerful voice on the other end of the line

Phone calls and video calls have become a big part of our lives and hearing our loved ones' voices is a big heartwarmer.

9) Waking up to a good-morning text

Who doesn't love these? Bonus: sending one yourself is also a big mood boost.

10) Hearing the first raindrops fall

I am forever in love with rain, and listening to it is the most gratifying feeling ever.

11) Agreeing on a movie

My family and I take ages to pick a movie we are all happy with, so agreeing on one quickly is a blessing I'd take any time.

12) Pouring vanilla into my coffee

Nothing fancy, but if you haven't tried it, please do.

13) Exporting a finished design

What I mean is the file that is named FINALTHISISITFORREAL.pdf

14) Going out for a walk in the park with my mom

Walking under the sun sounds like an ordeal, but it brings more good than bad. I've soaked up on vitamin D and gotten around to having enriching conversations I wouldn’t have experienced any other way.

15) Checking out posts in View From My Window

View From My Window is a Facebook group in which people from all around the world share what they see from their windows during quarantine. Makes me feel less alone in my personal bubble struggle.


You can write yours on your journal, a piece of paper, or a simple printable I made for you that hopefully hangs somewhere visible in your home. It's a very straightforward exercise, but I believe it can bring a lot of joy.

So, there you go. As simple as it gets. I'm pretty sure that wherever you are and whatever your circumstances may be, we all have at least a simple pleasure in our lives. And I truly hope reading my blog is somewhere there.

I look forward to seeing you next Friday,


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