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This blog starts... NOW

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It’s been a while (I would say years) since I’ve been wanting to start a blog. Aside from the passionate, aesthetic-to-death Instagram I manage for myself, being the crazy creator I am, I couldn’t just settle for only one platform. I want to spread my knowledge (not that I have much), advice (not that I follow my own advice very well) and simply talk about my passions to people who will most likely listen —or in this case, read—, because I assume you’re here out of interest.

I know what I’m supposed to do here, on Earth, at least during this life. I’ve known for a while, actually. I’ve been explicitly put onto this planet at this wild time to just create. Create for the sake of it. And if it so happens that something I create and share inspires someone else in any way, shape or form, then my mission is fulfilled and I’m allowed to die peacefully. 

However, although I sound like it, I'm not a creation Messiah by any means. I'm an amateur that decided to follow the dream she had been procrastinating on for so long. So, if at any moment I commit a mistake —which I'm sure I will— or offend anybody on this spaceship, please, I'm begging you, let me know. You can contact me whenever here. I'd also appreciate immensely if you shared with me any question or topic suggestion you'd love for me to talk about in a post.

So, without further ado, I welcome you to the living room of my brain. Don't be shy, make yourselves comfortable. There's plenty of room for everyone, and variety of things to sit on: style guides, mental health advice (please know I'm no expert), book recommendations, dream analyses...

I thank you enormously from the bottom of my heart if you give this corner of the Universe some of your time. Believe me, I know time is golden. No, scratch that, time is time. Super valuable. Which is why, in return, I promise to provide you with the best content I can. Remember, if you want to get the full experience, suscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of the home page to receive updates on new content and perhaps even exclusive pieces.

I thank you all once again.

This blog starts... NOW.



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