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My July Favorites

July is finally over. And that means some good and some bad.

On the dark side, the summer month by excellence has officially ended, making this summer the least "summery" of all summers. On the bright side, we still have August, and hopefully, we can extract some juice out of that.

Moving to the dark side once again, the end of this month marks another month behind locked doors with some not-so-pretty statistics, at least in my hometown. Yet, we must remember that nothing is forever and although we have no clue as to when this insanity will end —be it next month, next year or decade—, it is safe to say that we are a month closer to that happening.

And the brightest news of all —although exclusive to my person—: my guy is finally back, and not just back, but with an early surprise arrival that made me the happiest girl alive. So, you won't have to read about how I had been counting down the days for that to happen anymore. And that means good news for you too; you've been freed from the topic altogether.

Now, the things that made me smile during the month of July, aside from that pleasant surprise of his, are as follows...


Series: The Umbrella Academy

The second season came out this 31st of July, and I watched it in less than a week. So, technically, it barely categorizes as something within July, but that's the least of my worries.

I watched the first season as soon as it came out because I am familiar with the comics it is based on. This masterpiece was translated beautifully into the screen.

The plot is so diverse and unlike any other series out there right now.


Music: folklore

Taylor wasn't supposed to bless us with new music until next year but I am so glad she decided not to wait that long. This album is a bit more mellow than we've seen from her, with storytelling being the main focus. Hence the name "folklore", elusive to the passing of stories through generations by word of mouth. I believe this woman is a genius, for every time I listen to this album, I find new clues and connections that complete each story.


Book: Breakfast at Tiffany's

My dad gave me this book recently, and I read most of it one sleepless night. I had watched the movie already a few years back, but the book was so easy to read and soft to swallow that I felt I watched the film once more on the screen of my head.

This story is a classic and one of the breeziest at that. Beautifully written, with an air of nostalgia and perfect to romanticize life to.


Movie: Se7en

Dark, mind-blowing, disturbing, and shocking, Se7en is a psychological crime thriller from the 90s that I would categorize as a must-watch without a problem. It's an ingenious masterpiece that holds back for no one. The mood is set from the very beginning and the cinematography alone is capable of keeping watchers at the edge of their seats.

I must warn you, however, that if you don't manage gore very well, that you refrain from watching this move altogether.


TED Talk: Feats of memory anyone can do - Joshua Foer

I watched this TED Talk as part of the Introduction to Psychology course I was taking and have now finished, and found it fascinating. Who knew that memorizing the order of a deck of cards in less than half an hour is something EVERYONE can do? Memory superpowers are not something you are born with, they are based on tricks that I'm sure will surprise you.




And that concludes this month's highlights. As usual, I would really love it if you share your opinion on any of these things with me via social media, and remember I am open to any recommendations from your part. If you wish to receive updates and reminders whenever I post, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list.

I look forward to creating new content for you,


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