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My June Favorites

We're officially halfway through the year. Six months more and we will be completely done with this havoc. That is if by "havoc" we are only referring to 2020. There is no guarantee that 2021 won't bring with it its own challenges, which I'm sure it will, but at least 2020 won't carry the entire weight of negativity. But let's ignore this for now... shall we?

Let's move on to better topics, like those things that, however small, made my June much more pleasant and that hopefully, brighten your own days a bit.


Series: Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a series from the '00s that follows Lorelai, single mother, and her daughter Rory in their relationship as best friends in a small, lovely town called Stars Hollow.

If you're looking for a show that is, first of all, completed, and second of all, mimics the feeling of a cozy blanket, look no further.


Music: Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a band from mostly the '60s and '70s. Let me tell you, their vibe is magical, simply heart-lifting. They've always been a part of my repertoire, and they should be on any free spirit's.

This month, I've been specifically devoted to "Dreams", a song of theirs that I've included in my cancer playlist, and which I've continuously been singing and singing for days.


Book: The Handmaid's Tale

This novel takes place in the Republic of Gilead, near-future New England, under a totalitarian regime that now values fertility above any other feminine characteristic and separates women by roles: Handmaids, Wives, Marthas...

Our narrator, Offred, is a Handmaid, only valued by the viability of her reproductive system and given very few to none liberties: not allowed to read, to have access to knowledge, to have savings of her own...

Are there only disadvantages to this system? Is going back to old models beneficial at all?


Instagram account: @agatastudio.mty

This month, I bring two Instagram accounts. I couldn't choose between the two, especially because both of them are local jewelry brands and true artists.

The first one is Agata Studio, a jewelry studio devoted to creating beautiful and unique pieces out of nature like flowers and fruits. I literally get mindblown with every post I see of them on my feed. They deliver locally and nationally (Mexico). I am head over heels to say I now own one of their pieces.


Instagram account:

The second account I am totally in love with is (surprise surprise) also a local jewelry brand. The pieces you can find in this account are immensely ethereal, beautifully authentic in every single part of the process, and unique between one another.

They have an online shop through which you can order nationally (Mexico), but they accept Instagram DMs as well to claim pieces.




Now, being completely honest, what I enjoyed most about this month was the process and result of a tiny DIY adventure I had last week. I bleached my jeans! I am super proud of the outcome, which I will share with you all pretty soon. So, if you want to get notified whenever that happens, don't hesitate on joining my humble newsletter.

I hope you check out and enjoy at least one of the recommendations listed above. If you do, let me know by tagging me on a story or sending me a DM. You can find my social media at the top of the page. Also, know that I am completely open to those favorites you might be willing to share. They might just end up in next month's blog.

Stay safe,


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