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My April Favorites

Updated: May 14, 2020

I hope you're as excited as I am about the start of May. I'm no one to say that this year has been the worst, but I am honestly dying to reunite with all the people I miss. So, with each month that goes by, one month is subtracted from this chaos... hopefully.

I'm just grateful I can enjoy my stay at home and make something out of another not-so-pleasant thing. I mean, this self-isolation period was partly responsible for getting me back to writing on here. So that's one good thing that came out of it, as I'm sure all of you will have by the end of this.

Aside from that, I wanted to share a few things that have won a place in my heart and made me smile this last month.


Series: Unorthodox

If you love learning while at the same time being kept at the edge of your seat, this is a must-watch.

It's amazing to see how different someone's reality can be from our own and how culture plays a huge part in that. My mom and I finished this memoir miniseries in just two nights, but you can easily do it in one. Dare ya!


Song: just a boy by Alaina Castillo

This song is such a vibe. I first found Alaina on Twitter singing a part of this song in Spanish. I immediately added it to my Taurus season playlist and have been singing it nonstop ever since.

So much that I recently figured out how to play it on my guitar. Tempted to record a cover.


Movie: Practical Magic

This movie was released in 1998 and has everything I love: sisterhood, witchcraft, girl power, good outfits, romance... One of my best friends recommended I watch it because it's one of her favorites and she knows I love witchy stuff. So thanks, Val!


Instagram account: @eaulabouche

The most beautiful account dedicated to skincare, health, and just beautiful sights. You can expect regular content like tips on sustainability, health did-you-knows, yummy recipes and more. Definitely one of the most hard-working keen eyes I know.


Podcast: The Minimalists on Stoicism

If you haven't heard of The Minimalists you're at a disadvantage. They help people live more meaningful lives with less.

In this episode, they focus on Stoicism, a philosophy that teaches you can only focus on what you can control and accept what you can't in order to find peace. I'm sure a lot of us are stoics but don't know it yet. I found myself finally putting names to a lot of the things I already had in practice.


TED Talk:

Who are you really? The puzzle of personality - Brian Little

Aside from making me laugh out loud, this man talks about the tiny traits that make you, well, you. He explains the different ways to categorize a person. You know, the 16 Personalities thing and all that. Yet he argues that although we may have similar results, we are entirely different from one another and completely unique. Especially in those moments that ask us to "go out of character".




I hope you've enjoyed this list of tiny pleasures and maybe check out some yourself. If you do, please share your thoughts on them with me on Instagram and recommend some new things for me to try out. Who knows? They might appear on the next monthly favorites like Val's favorite movie did on this one.

Stay safe,


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